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TTDS Manpower Consultancy is the unique concept of Mr. TDS.Mohan who wanted to serve the society with his services. Looking into the growing needs of people and also for the betterment of the society he had started TDS Manpower Consultancy. As a result of which he has given some contribution to employment. We are in the industry for past 6 years. Today TDS provides a wide range of services in TamilNadu ,Pondicherry and  Bangalore.

The TDS community conducts workshops in different areas; registers domestic helpers, trains and upgrades their skills, and creates a portfolio for them. Their profiles from on our databases are matched as per the client’s requirement. When a green signal is established virtually, a face to face meeting is arranged where the shortlisted candidate and the client get to know each other before confirming the deal. Our objective is to establish a professionally reliable setup that provides a premium and personalized search for domestic assistants/helpers.

TOur mission is to serve the needs of our clientele with core principles of honesty, dedication, commitment, compassion, confidentiality and personalized service. By so doing, we maintain our devotion to matching the requirements off both top-quality and reliable registered Applicants and our multi-generational Clientele, who continue to look to us for exceptional service.

Our unique model for domestic assistance provides seamless stability and accountability from our domestic assistants/helpers, and as well from the clients. This is also an attempt to revolutionize and reestablish this rather highly unorganized sector. We consistently associate and work with regional NGOs that directly connect with domestic helpers to spread awareness amongst them, and as well educate them. Henceforth, we’ve built an abled workforce trained to understand and conceive the plight of working class families. Our services are technologically empowered from end to end enabling our clients to avail domestic services by merely swiping on and/or pushing a few button. We firmly believe in professional responsibility owing to which we ensure that our domestic helpers are briefed thoroughly to blend into the lifestyle and mannerism of our clients well before their placement.DS services are affordable and completely reliable that made of us one of the leading home cleaning services provider in India apartfrom our dedicated and top quality work


Founder and Heads Recruitment

A Post graduate in Cooperation from Trichi Bharathidasan University, Mohan went on to work with ICICI PRULIFE before starting TDS Manpower Consultancy. It was her vision of creating better employment opportunities for domestic workers that resulted in formation of TDS Manpower Consultancy. He heads the recruitment workforce and also executes grass root level awareness camps for domestic workers.



Nathiya is a BSc graduate and has worked with organizations like Teaching. Nathiya sensed a sustainable business model in Mohan’s vision and helped in transforming her idea into TDS Manpower Consultancy. Nathiya heads marketing customer experience at TDS.


Trainer and recruiter

Being a domestic worker herself for almost a decade, Varshika knows and understand the issues of domestic workers on micro level and uses her experience to create training programs lead recruitment drives. She is a prominent figure in the domestic workers community and is an integral part of TDS Team.


Customer Relations Manager

Vaseeharan heads our customer support team and is primarily responsible for excellent client experience. Vaseeharan has worked with a few MNCs in customer support roles and loves solving problems.


Heads Verification Team

Sambath is responsible for heading the verification and on boarding department. Sambath brings almost a decade of experience in handling verification for banks like Muthutoot and Sriram.

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